Embarking on Wild Idaho Expeditions

August 9, 2023

At Builders Film Studio, we have the remarkable opportunity of working on a variety of projects and this most recent one is one we are really excited about, Wild Idaho Expeditions. WIE is an exciting project that brings the beauty and adventure of Idaho to the forefront. Builders Film Studio will be involved with the d development of their website, integrating a back-end CRM system, and providing our unparalleled photography and video production services.

One of our primary responsibilities in the Wild Idaho Expeditions project is to construct a visually stunning and user-friendly website. Collaborating closely with the team, we are working diligently to create an immersive online experience that effectively captures the spirit of Idaho’s wilderness. From designing unique layouts to implementing intuitive navigation, every aspect of the website is carefully crafted to engage visitors and encourage them to explore the extensive range of expeditions.

Effectively managing customer relationships is crucial for Wild Idaho Expeditions. As part of our involvement, we are integrating a powerful back-end CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system into the website. This system will streamline communication, facilitate bookings, and enable personalized interactions with potential and existing adventurers. With this CRM in place, Wild Idaho Expeditions will be equipped to provide exceptional customer experiences and build lasting connections.

Visual storytelling is at the heart of Wild Idaho Expeditions. Our photography and film production will be dedicated to capturing the raw beauty and excitement that these expeditions offer. From dramatic landscapes to thrilling moments of adventure, we will be showcasing the authentic experience that awaits explorers in Idaho. The combination of high-quality photography and video will serve as powerful tools to entice and inspire prospective adventurers.

To truly capture the essence of Wild Idaho Expeditions, we embarked on our first unforgettable adventure with Ryan, Tony, and Chris. They took us out on a UTV excursion through the rugged terrain of Murphy, Idaho. We rode to breathtaking vistas, explored hidden gems, and witnessed nature’s magnificence firsthand. The purpose of this excursion was to gather footage that truly reflects the essence of these expeditions, ensuring our visual content resonates with the adventurous spirit of Idaho.

Our journey with Wild Idaho Expeditions has been is exhilarating one and we are excited to witness the website come to life and contribute to the success of Wild Idaho Expeditions.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of this remarkable endeavor.

Happy adventuring!

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