Builders Film Studio Collaborates with Belinda Carr in New P4 Housing Collective Video

September 1, 2023

Could we solve the Housing Shortage with Robotic Construction? from Belinda Carr

We are thrilled to announce the release of our collaboration with Belinda Carr, a podcaster and talented filmmaker in the construction industry. It all started when we had the distinct pleasure of inviting Belinda to join us in capturing the P4 Housing Collective project at the Autovol facility, founded by Rick and Curtis. Together, with Belinda’s expertise and Builders Film Studio’s dedication, we were able to showcase the innovative processes and groundbreaking construction methods at Autovol, offering a glimpse into the future of offsite construction and automation.

In this 12-minute video, viewers are taken on a journey through the innovative 400,000 sqft factory, where prefab modules are manufactured under controlled, indoor environments. By removing on-site risks and leveraging a turnkey automation solution, the P4 Housing Collective’s approach to construction hopes to bring changes to the industry.

One of the key highlights showcased in the video is the cutting-edge process of building prefabricated modules using a digital kit of parts. These parts are seamlessly fed into a state-of-the-art Hundegger machine, where structural lumber is precisely cut to size. The efficiency of this process ensures accurate and streamlined construction.

In the video, viewers will witness the impressive dexterity of robotic arms at the Autovol facility, handling dimensional lumber, LVLs, and glulams with unmatched precision. The most striking feature is their ability to cut out holes for electrical boxes and lights, showcasing the incredible potential of automation in offsite construction. This demonstration of advanced technology is truly inspiring and highlights the advancements transforming the construction industry.

The P4 Housing Collective video also sheds light on the collaborative and knowledgeable workforce at the automated facility. The team’s expertise goes beyond their individual tasks; they possess a profound understanding of the entire construction process. Their commitment to solving the affordable housing crisis in the United States is palpable, and their passion is evident in every step of the construction process.

One of the key advantages presented in the video suggests how automated factories can help bridge the skilled labor shortage in the construction industry. By embracing technology and creating an environment built on automation and new construction methods, companies like Autovol are attracting a new generation of workers. Video gamers, with their quick reflexes and problem-solving skills, are finding themselves well-suited for operating robotic systems.

However, the challenge lies in balancing standardization and customization in construction projects. While clients and designers take pride in bespoke projects, the Autovol team believes that collaboration between architects and technical experts can result in unique projects that utilize standardized components. This approach ensures both high-quality construction and the freedom to push boundaries in design.

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